Compilation of -Tuki奶包’s fan accounts with Jiyeon



First of all, I want to thank all of the fans that I’m friends with, and spent many, many nights waiting together.

I can’t express how much I love you all. I confessed my love so much that it became cheap… The group’s dinosaur (Jiyeon) has been so good to me, it feels like I’m not even that good to you all. I’ll try my best to grow up well and mature!

There are some times where I want to stop chasing idols but I’m continuing for you all (fans). I think it’s fate that we meet and know each other, I was very happy being together with you all too. I’m quite insecure and love-deprived, please tell me that you love me 10,000 times every day!

Merry Christmas to all of my beloved!

I fell into the pit (of loving Jiyeon) in 2011 after watching God of Study (Jiyeon’s drama). I started liking you for a very time but I was really surprised because liking an idol for such a long time can be very tiring.

Nevertheless, it has been very joyful for me to like you for so long, giving me so many wonderful memories, thank you our baby (Jiyeon).

  1. 130810 Hong Kong Concert

I bought the tickets in April, I was still in high school and it was my final year; I studied very hard just so that I could see you. The memory of seeing you for the first time is still imprinted in my mind till now. At that time, you just cut your hair and I was a little upset because I like you more when you have long hair, hing. I cried while cheering for you and I cried even more when T-ara was singing “I’m Okay”. I was all along admiring you from a “virtual” world all the while till that day, I suddenly felt like everything was real? Our baby Jiyeon is really, really umpteen times prettier in reality than in pictures and videos.

  1. 131108 Beijing Showcase

I think it’s really addictive after you’ve seen them live? There were actually quite a lot of people at Beijing airport but your face, the size of just a palm, was really a piece of art. When you got up the van, you waved at us and made a “fighting!” gesture, really cutest in the world *^o^* I saw Number 9 live for the first time at the showcase, baby Jiyeon was really 😭 I was also very envious of those that went up stage for the interaction activity 🙈 Next was at the hotel, while waiting for the lift? The lift door suddenly opened and I saw you. At the moment, it felt like I lost all of my memories? Asphyxia (lack of oxygen in your body, possibly causing the person to faint) – this is the only word to describe my feelings at that time. You were down with flu but you still went out to have BBQ, really a gluttony baby.

  1. 131221 Guangzhou Concert

Actually, I was really not planning to go, but I was dragged by the other fans. I didn’t even go to the airport and I bought unofficial tickets from Taobao, which were scam tickets. Fortunately, I managed to buy tickets to the front row in the end 😠ོ But my memory of the concert was really good – a lot of effort had been put into that concert. It was 2.5 hours, Christmas outfits, bunny outfits, I’m still longing to see those again. A VCR was also played there. Our baby bunny Jiyeon was really (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) it was the best Christmas present.

  1. 141021 The Show @ Shanghai Tudou

I guess the fan service was really awesome because there were not many fans? I wrote a 2,000-word Korean letter and managed to pass to you, including Jun & Amy’s presents. I asked you if you had eaten and you replied in Chinese; your baby voice was really a killer! When I called out to you at the lift, you turned around and did aegyo towards the camera. You laughed out when I called you Jiyeon Oppa. I said Sehun Oppa (T-ara’s manager) is Jjang! and Jiyeon said in a very surprised tone, “how did you know? Really amazing!” If I don’t even know this, what kind of moron fan am I 😉

You also laughed when we were cheering when T-ara was performing Number 9. We somehow bumped into you when we were eating at the hotel too 🤔 Could this be so-called fate? Jiyeon left happily after eating while we were not finished with our food yet 🌚 She said “annyeong (bye)” to us before leaving. The next day, T-ara was preparing to leave really early in the morning, at about 6am. You were really mesmerising, although I think you were still dazed because you just woke up. I didn’t say anything to you at the airport because I was afraid you would not be in the mood since you just woke up. So I was content even when I was just walking beside you.

  1. 141210 Changsha “Day Day Up”

We didn’t go to the airport on the first day and went to the hotel, but!! T-ara came down from the restaurant on level 2 and we didn’t have time to react. We quickly followed them but they got on a buggy; Jiyeon and Soyeon’s seats were facing back and they were exclaiming non-stop when the buggy started  😌 they’re really adorable.

The second day was the recording. The stage was quite small and really close to the first row where I was sitting. We sat through the whole thing even after T-ara performed. We had our dinner and went back to the recording studio. There were fans who waited for a very long time but T-ara came out just as we reached. It was already about 9+pm and the staff said that it will end at about 1-2am so some fans went home. Halfway through, T-ara asked some of the staff to give is some cake. The CEO of Longzhen Culture (T-ara’s previous Chinese agency) was celebrating Eunjung and Qri’s birthday!

A little while later, the girls walked by and Eunjung did a sleeping pose. We went to another exit to wait; I passed Jiyeon some presents and a PJY bar banner that I accidentally put in too. We sang a birthday song for Eunjung & Qri. We back to sleep at about 3am and woke up at 6am the next day to go to the airport. Initially I was afraid if Jiyeon was still dazed from sleeping but I managed to give her my letter and a hamburger. Jiyeon was walking and laughing happily while telling the others that she received a hamburger. I called out and she mouthed out “Annyeong”. I told her to eat more and she replied thank you in Chinese. Changsha ended just like that.

6. 141227 Shanghai Concert

T-ara sang my favourite ballad that day: Sick (Apa 아파) haha. T-ara asked the audience about our home town, any fans from Hangzhou? Hui Hui (another fan) and I screamed so hard the ceiling nearly came down.

7. Seoul, South Korea

I didn’t manage to see you reporting for work at The Show because I only reached at 5pm. I waited alone in the cold wind till about 8+pm. I called out “unnie” and you waved back. I forgot to say “welcome to weibo” to you because I was too happy after hearing that you had started a Weibo account. I was afraid that you couldn’t see my face clearly because it was very dark so I told you that I was a Chinese fan. You said thank you in a very cute baby voice! You got up the car and chatted with fans for a while. I was hyperventilating, really! Your face and eye smile glowed in the dark night and your fingers were really works of art. I didn’t know what to say and just stared at you in a daze. Your face is really as beautiful as a painting.

8. 150620 Nanjing Concert

First day: I bought the viewing gallery tickets and it was my first time sitting up there. It was my first time watching Jiyeon perform 1m1s live. I managed to sit through the concert with all of my other friends and it was really awesome.

Second day: It was the Hi-5 session but I couldn’t say anything because my throat was sore from all the screaming the day before 🙄 and I couldn’t talk to Jiyeon too. When it was my turn, Jiyeon and I interlocked hands for quite some time. We maintained eye contact for some time and I cried out uncontrollably. Jiyeon said “it’s okay” in Chinese and Eunjung also coaxed me, like pacifying a child.

  1. 150918 Come On, Little Masters

I gave Jiyeon a bouquet of flowers at the airport, but everyone on Weibo was criticising it; hng, it’s beautiful as long as Jiyeon holds it. While walking, you asked us again if we had eaten and all of us said yes. Then we started teaching her Chinese, started off with “meng meng da” (adorable) and I said “bbang bbang da” (awesome) 😜ོ Jiyeon said in a doubtful tone, “bbang bbang bbang?” She’s so adorable! At the carpark, Jiyeon was afraid that I would get hit by the car so she told me to be careful, I was really touched.

At the hotel, I gave my friend’s minion plushie to her. She smiled and we asked if it’s adorable. She said yes and we said that you’re like the minion, exactly alike! This adorable girl said, “we’re alike?” and said in an aegyo voice, “no we’re not alike~” You can imagine or look through my past fancams.

Second day: I asked if Jiyeon had slept well and she replied yes with a killer smile and my heart stopped. They went to Din Tai Fung to have lunch and she looked a little tired after that? I called out to her and she still smiled, I asked her if it was delicious and she replied yes in Chinese. A whole group of us said we’re hungry and she replied saying that she’s full. A fan suddenly gave her a lollipop and she pretended like it was a magic wand, keep pointing at us while saying “pew pew”. Alright, I’m under your spell, I’ll love you for 10,000 years!!!!

Jiyeon was really happy when we sent them off at the airport. She took out her phone and kept taking pictures of us. I was beside her then so I called out to her and she pointed her phone at me. I quickly posed with a twist ✌🏼️

  1. 151003 Banana Project party @ Shanghai

There were a lot of people because it was National Day, hng… But I still managed to walk beside Jiyeon and as usual, she waved and smiled at me when I called out to her. She quickly went back to Eunjung’s side and their arms were hooked so I didn’t want to disturb them anymore 🙈

Second day: I went to their hotel early in the morning at 5am because I thought that they would be taking the earliest flight back but they only came out at 5pm. Although I feel that Jiyeon remembers me, I still called out to her and told her to remember me. She was like a boyfriend and kept nodding her head while raising her eyebrows. She bid farewell with a baby voice as usual. I didn’t send her off at the airport though.

  1. 151022-151024 Hefei

I heard that T-ara will go to Hefei 2 days before their concert so I went there early. The moment the girls came out, she kept waving non-stop, so adorable I wanted to die! I got up the escalator (going up) first and called out to her from above. She waved at me with a lobster plush that she just received. I asked her if she remembers me and I think she said “eung” but I didn’t hear properly…

On the second day during the Hi-5 session, I asked her again if she remembers me when it was my turn. She grabbed my hands and said yes! So I said, “I’m going crazy, why are you so pretty?” and she laughed like a dinosaur.

  1. 151121 Shanghai-Pudong Transit

I knew about this quite late and I was in a rush. Luckily, it was in Shanghai and there were not many people. I walked with her for quite a distance so we kept chatting.

I: I miss you

Jiyeon: I miss you too

I: I will go to your Guangzhou concert

Jiyeon: Thank you

I: It’s a promise! Anyway, you’re already very pretty now but you look even prettier with long hair

Jiyeon: Alright, I will let it grow long *touches her braids*

Although you might say this just to let your fans be happy, but I’m still very grateful for it. I didn’t take any videos after crossing the immigration. I walked beside you and told her that I was in a very good mood. You smiled at me and I said that I’ve liked you for a very long time since 2011. You asked me if I was serious and I nodded my head while saying yes.

After that, I entered the waiting lounge and just at that moment, I saw you walking over. Soyeon, who wasn’t wearing shades said “oh!” when she saw me too, I guess she didn’t expect to see me. I sat on a sofa that was facing your back and I didn’t dare to move or disturb you. I just sat there quietly and looked at your back view. As you were hammering your shoulders lightly, you asked manager oppa if you could go for massage tonight… really adorable! Shortly after, it was time for you to board the plane and I just walked quietly beside you. When we were at the boarding gate, I said, “bye! see you at Guangzhou” but you looked like you were surprised why didn’t I board with you? Just my feeling (,,•́ . •̀,,)

  1. 151204-151207 Shanghai Airport & The Brain @ Nanjing

I left very early in the morning at about 7am and received news that they will be come to Shanghai. I prepared a lot of things to tell you but I saw that you were chatting with Eunjung the whole time. I didn’t want to disturb the both of you so I just waved.

I only managed to talk to you on the second night at the hotel. I said that I am trying my best to learn Korean but my mind went blank halfway. One of my friends helped me finish what I was trying to say and repeated so that she could hear (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) While waiting for the lift, you were afraid that I didn’t hear what you said so you waved again and asked me to work hard… Baby, I’ll work hard to learn Korean (,,•́ . •̀,,)

When I told you to take good care of yourself since your year-end schedule will be very busy. Just nice a staff member was standing between us and blocking so you tip-toed to hear what I was trying to say. Really so adorable I wanna cry!

The weather was quite good on the third day 😊 I guess you should be very happy for that recording, we are too.

You were going to leave on the fourth day so I woke up very early after sleeping for 2 hours. I went to the hotel with a worry that you would be dazed because of insufficient sleep. True enough, you looked quite weak and listless. Fortunately, you were better at the airport, received fans’ gifts and kept chatting with Hyomin unnie.

  1. 151219 Guangzhou Concert

On the actual day at the Hi-5 session, I was sitting all the way at the back so I couldn’t see anything. I heard that Jiyeon was a little sick 😷 I was really worried. She was still quite okay at the Hi-5 session. When it was my turn, I told her that I’ll definitely go to Korea for her next solo come back and she nodded while smiling. Her skin condition was slightly worse, not as good as usual and I realised that she even had to put on some powder!! I don’t think I need to talk about the concert, the more I think about it the more I feel like crying. Jiyeon is really, really, really awesome 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

After writing so much, I’m not sure if anyone can actually understand? I believe everyone has a different goal for chasing idols. The only thing in common is our liking towards them I guess. Some of us like watching through our screen, some of us like going to watch them live, some of us like buying their albums, we all have our own ways to like and support them. Some fans might just like them for the fun of it, but I’m slightly more greedy, I guess. It’s actually quite enjoyable for me, if Jiyeon remembers me, of course it’d be even better.

Everyone’s standard is different, everyone will be happy over different things. Sometimes, looking at you from far is also a kind of happiness – I’d never forget how I felt at first 💗 I don’t think I can finish describing how good you are, you are just the way you are.

Original Weibo post by -Tuki奶包

Compilation of -Tuki奶包’s fan accounts with Jiyeon

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