taraonly1992 Fan Accounts with Hyomin 151228~160102

hyomtaraonly selcas

I’m home finally~ been out for 6 days~ since 26 Dec till yesterday (2 Jan)~ there’s a lot to write~ I’ve been wanting to write but I was too lazy~ But since I’m writing now, let me pen down all of my chatter and memories down~ in a chronological order, shall we~

151228 Arriving at Beijing Airport

I was really excited that day, but also very nervous. I didn’t go to Guangzhou because I had to run some errands so that means that I didn’t see Hyomin unnie for more than 20 days. That was why I was so excited yet nervous. (Actually, even if I see her everyday, I feel like my heart would still beat at 240 beats per minute the next day when I see her again.)

I went to buy gifts for Hyomin the day before, but I always have this worry because I’m not sure if Hyomin will like the gifts or not. That’s why I would buy what girls would typically like: cosmetics.

I went to the airport to wait for Hyomin and she came out not long after. I stood at the barricades and when Hyomin walked past, I called out “Hyomin unnie!”. She heard me calling out to her but a staff member who was nearer to me, heard me too and came over to take the gifts.

However, Hyomin’s little hand reached out first to take, really adorable~ Every time this kind of things happen, I will always feel very warm in my heart and happy. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of things that I want to do for Hyomin unnie. However, there aren’t many things that we can do for T-ara as fans, other than buying gifts for them or any support events. That’s why I feel very happy every time I’m able to give Hyomin gifts.

After receiving the gifts, Hyomin continued walking to the exit. She started posing and doing aegyo for my camera (I’ll start editing and sharing pictures tomorrow). But I was a disappointment because I didn’t manage to capture every adorable moment.

When Hyomin waved at me, I was supposed to press the shutter button. Instead, I couldn’t resist and I put down my camera to wave back 😂 It’s hard for me to explain this, it’s like I would still be very excited and high even after seeing her for 100, 1000, 10000 times!

When we walked to a narrow walkway at the parking area, I realised that the lighting wasn’t the best and I wanted to talk to Hyomin, so I decided to stop taking pictures. I asked Hyomin, “Unnie, have you been well recently?” Hyomin replied, “Yup, I’ve been well~ Thank you for this” (while raising up my gifts). I said, “I’m glad you like it” and Hyomin said something but I didn’t understand because someone blocked us 😂

Actually, I felt really happy just with this but while commuting, I was looking at Weibo and saw that Hyomin had updated her Instagram (translator’s note: fans share Instagram posts on Weibo like how most of us share on Twitter). The captions read “Thank you, my friend” and the picture was actually my gifts! My tears just started flowing down upon seeing it…

I was really embarrassing because I was with my two other friends on the train and they kept asking me not to cry… Hyomin actually called me her “friend”~ Oh my god~ I was really, really, really moved to tears at that point of time.

Actually, I wrote in quite a few fan letters to Hyomin asking her, “If I work a little harder and be a little more outstanding, would Hyomin unnie and I become friends?” (To be honest, I felt very thick-skinned 😂) Maybe because of those letters, Hyomin called me her “friend”… I’m really very touched, Hyomin is really so warm-hearted! I felt that I was really flying in the sky with happiness! I was really on cloud nine but little did I know, more blissful things were waiting for me…

151229 Beijing

I didn’t managed to interact with Hyomin-unnie up-close that day and I didn’t manage to go to the hotel where T-ara was staying at. I only managed to take pictures of her that night. My camera isn’t the best but I was sitting at a better position compared to the other fans – I was sitting at the fourth row from the front, facing the stage.

I didn’t want to take pictures because I don’t have a decent camera anyway. And I was thinking that there are many fans that can take better pictures anyway. Nevertheless, I decided to buy a semi-pro camera; but the pictures were really very average! If the lighting and angle were not good, my camera won’t be able to take good pictures because of the camera settings limitations.

I still continued to take a lot of pictures, although most of the pictures are mainly just Hyomin. Not that I’m focusing only on her, but whenever I’m looking through the viewfinder, I can only see Hyomin… I’m a Scorpio girl after all, so I’ve been living with a mentality of “I will only stick to one love”.

Which is why my heart has space only for Hyomin now. It’s to a point where no one can make jokes that compromises Hyomin, and I’m really serious about this. Just like that, I took about more than 1,000 pictures.

I was waiting for Hyomin to give me her thumbs-up and she did! Previously at “The Brain”, she gave me two thumbs-up so I was thinking, even if I’m not able to take nice pictures of Hyomin’s beauty (because of the camera’s limitations), I need to at least take pictures of her thumbs-up. I felt really happy because of her thumbs-ups that night! 😊

151230 Beijing Airport, leaving for Nanjing

This was the happiest day of my trip~ I want to write it in extreme detail but I might still miss out some minor details. I will fill in details if I leave out any later on. This is the day T-ara leave Beijing for Nanjing.

Lvxin (Lvxinnnn/JIYEON-UNIQUE’s admin) and I reached the airport very early to get our boarding passes and waited at the entrance. T-ara arrived at the airport quite late, which was also why both of us were worried that we had missed them. Alright, let’s go straight to the main highlights.

T-ara arrived at the airport and I felt that Hyomin’s outfit for that day was really very adorable, although she looked like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle… (Unnie, don’t hit me; I love you) She wore a green cotton outerwear and a sweatshirt underneath(?) with a black mask. I was worried that Hyomin didn’t get to eat since it was so early in the morning so I bought some pastries and cakes from Paris Baguette and Costa.

When T-ara got off the elevator, I passed her the food and Hyomin smiled at me (she was wearing a mask but I could tell from her eyes) and said, “Thank you~ What is this?” I was a little dazed at that moment so I didn’t reply her… I heard clearly but I guess I was a little too dumbfounded 😂

Hyomin turned to me and asked me once more, “What is this?” and that was when I finally reacted and replied, “There are cakes inside.” (I guess this is love, when you’re in front of the person you love, your reaction tends to be slower by half a beat.) Hyomin replied with an “Ah~” in an aegyo voice.

Seeing that Hyomin was wearing a mask, I asked her, “Unnie, did you catch a cold?” to which she replied, “Ah, I’m fine~” I was relieved upon hearing that because I really can’t bear to see our baby Hyomin get hurt or sick, even a little. I would feel really helpless even if Hyomin were to have slight abrasions or catch a cold, those kind of normal stuff that everyone would experience every now and then.

After that, both of us went to the economic class to queue up for security clearance. Initially, I thought that I would be slower than Hyomin since she was queuing at a first-class queue and it was empty. Who would have known that I was faster than her because she was delayed by the security, hahaha. Her portable charger was taken out for inspection 😂 (she’s a frequent Internet and phone user anyway, so she wouldn’t survive without a portable charger.)

She managed to catch up after the security officer cleared her. Her manager saw that she was carrying a lot of things so he helped her carry the two bags that I gave her. (Remember this detail, it will be mentioned later on.) I continued to walk with Hyomin.

I thanked Hyomin, “Unnie, I saw that you posted a picture of my gifts on your Instagram, thank you!” Hyomin replied, “Ah~ That… You’re my friend!” I didn’t remember what did I exactly say after that but considering that I’m such a polite kid (thick-skinned again), I must have said “thank you” in Korean, I guess(?) I really can’t remember clearly…

Lvxin suddenly called out to Hyomin, “Hyomin unnie~” and pointed at me, “she cried on the train yesterday!” Hyomin laughed and used her right hand (I was on her left) and lightly patted my shoulder (left side).

At this moment, an airport baggage buggy was passing by but I wasn’t aware and I was nearly hit by it. If it wasn’t for Hyomin’s “look out, be careful”, I would have been hit. After which I showed her my phone’s home screen and said, “Unnie, look at my home screen!” Hyomin saw that it was a picture of her when she was a little kid and laughed.

I continued saying, “My granny saw and asked who it is and I told her that she’s my beloved… Beloved…” Hyomin helped me complete my sentence, “Unnie!” 😂 (Not sure why did I blanked out for a moment there) Although Hyomin is indeed older than me, the way she told me to call her “unnie” and the way I call her “unnie” feels quite different. It just felt really heart-warming.

We continued walking and I asked Hyomin, “Unnie, is the date for your solo comeback confirmed?” to which Hyomin replied, “Ah~ It has been delayed again…” (I don’t think I should say when it is delayed to, I guess Hyomin will announce it herself 😛) Another fan that was nearby asked her the same question and I told her the date. (I got the date wrong because I didn’t hear the date clearly.)

Hyomin heard that I translated the date wrongly (Hyomin’s Chinese: 100 marks) so she said the date out again in English (Hyomin’s English: 100 marks too) and also said “delay” (English: 100 marks + bonus marks!) When I heard it, I was very sad because if it was in February, I would be able to go for at least a week, but it seems like I won’t be able to go at all now…

I told Hyomin, “Unnie, I can’t make it for your solo… Because I have to be back in Australia by 18th February…” Hyomin immediately said in a voice filled with regrets, “헐” (Heol, or “what the…”) and quickly continued with, “We will have more activities in China” and thought for a moment before telling me the dates. (Don’t ask me for the dates, I think I shouldn’t breach Hyomin’s trust)

So I asked if she could tell me where but she said, “We are not exactly sure of the city yet, but it’d be on a stage~” I asked her, “Is it a concert? At Chengdu?” to which Hyomin replied, “It’s not a concert though.” For some reason, I asked her again, “Where is it?” (I forgot that I had just asked her the same question; feeling ashamed for my forgetfulness.)

Hyomin was very patient and repeated, “We are not sure yet, but we will post on Weibo when things are confirmed!” (Come to think of it, there are many activities and events that were actually revealed to me by Hyomin, hahahaha.)

Something really interesting happened next: Jiyeon actually made way for me 😂 At that moment, T-ara got onto the travelator so I walked beside them on the walkway. Hyomin was right in front and Jiyeon was standing behind her and Lvxin was behind Jiyeon.

I suddenly remembered that she wanted Jiyeon’s selca so I quickly took out a camera meant for selcas and passed to Lvxin. Lvxin passed to Jiyeon but Jiyeon didn’t know how to use 😂 (the LCD screen and camera lens were both meant to face Jiyeon but the LCD screen was facing away from her instead 😂)

Jiyeon looked at Lvxin and asked for help but I was afraid that Lvxin would be too flustered to figure it out so I called out to Jiyeon to retrieve back the camera and help her. I twisted the LCD screen to face the same direction as the camera lens and passed it back to Jiyeon. Jiyeon took two shots for Lvxin and I suddenly remembered that I wanted Hyomin to take selcas with that camera too so I snatched it from Lvxin.

We created quite a commotion at the back and Jiyeon turned back after hearing us quarrel and started to laugh at us. (she was focusing on Lvxin though) So I told Jiyeon, “My friend is really very happy right now” and Jiyeon laughed out while looking at Lvxin! I decided not to bother about them anymore because they got off the travelator by then and I wanted to continue accompanying Hyomin.

That was when Jiyeon made way for me to walk in front of her, to be beside Hyomin. Jiyeon said something that made me really flying into the sky, “These two (pointing at Hyomin unnie and I) are really like a couple!” Oh my GOD! Can you imagine my feelings at that time! But I was busy trying to talk to Hyomin so I didn’t get the chance to thank Jiyeon, haha! This kid (Jiyeon) really knows how to make the atmosphere, hahaha! Alright, let’s get back to Hyomin unnie~

I passed the selca camera to Hyomin and she immediately said, “This is the same as mine!” to which I replied, “This is the same as unnie’s?” Hyomin replied, “Yup~ Same one!” Then she started taking selcas. Started off with me taking the pictures then I suddenly remembered that the previous few times we took pictures together, I didn’t manage to take from nice angles.

I learned my lesson and decided to pass the camera to Hyomin and told her, “Unnie, please handle the camera~” I went to stand behind Hyomin to hide my fats 😂 (even so, people can tell that Hyomin has a nice body and I’m plump) and she started taking pictures. She wanted to take a second picture after the first but something was wrong with the camera.

There were supposed to be more pictures but the camera was not cooperating… After a few more pictures, I told Hyomin, “Let me take the pictures now~” she hesitated for a while (she might have remembered that I didn’t take the selcas well 😂) but agreed.

I took two pictures but the first one was blurred and before taking the second one, their manager started to rush them because he was afraid that they might be late for boarding. It was a pity but Hyomin was really adorable that day, wearing a green jacket and small mask. Her expression was really heartwarming and adorable~

I suddenly thought of asking Hyomin if she saw the pictures that I took the day before so I told her, “Unnie, wait a moment” and started the Weibo app on my phone. I showed her the pictures, “Unnie, did you see these?” to which she replied, “Yup! I saw them! Really pretty!” while giggling. (Unnie, don’t be shy, you’re the most beautiful in the world.)

Hyomin got up another travelator and drank some coffee that was bought by some fans. She took a sip and said, “This isn’t iced?” but the fan was probably worried about the cold weather, thinking that a hot drink would be better. So I asked Hyomin, “Unnie, do you prefer iced coffee?” to which she replied, “Yes.”

(I was a bit silly to ask that because the last time I bought coconut milk tea for Hyomin at Shanghai airport while heading for Wuhan, she asked me if it was iced and when I said yes, she was really happy. A small note: It seems like only Chinese likes to drink hot beverages. People in Australia do not drink hot beverages. Even in Korea, the water that they serve at restaurants are always cold.)

I told her, “I prefer iced coffee too,” and Hyomin suddenly passed the iced coffee over! (Did she want me to drink it? 😂 I don’t think I saw it wrongly, hahaha! But I didn’t react at all 😂) Next was more small chatter!

I said, “Unnie, my Mom envies your Mom because you’re really pretty, kind and warm, while I don’t have anything…” Hyomin laughed out right away and told me, “Help me thank your Mom.” Alright, fast forward to boarding time~

Lvxin and I were taking economic class so we need to pass by the first class cabin. I was in front of Lvxin and I saw Jiyeon. She waved at me (she actually initiated the greeting and said hello in English 😂) I was shocked and stopped for a few moments before saying “네” (Yes) hahaha! The difference in treatment though! She only greeted me but gave Lvxin a chocolate! Probably just because Lvxin is a Jingchin 😂 ?

When I saw Hyomin, I went over and told her, “See you later” and she said the same to me. When the plane landed, I looked at Weibo to find out that Hyomin liked my pictures again. I was moved to tears once again 😭

When we disembarked from the plane, T-ara took the airport buggy and I realised that Hyomin was holding the two bags of pastries that I bought for her! Not sure if everyone remembers this detail, I mentioned it at the start of this day’s account. Didn’t their manager take the bags away? I didn’t expect Hyomin to take the bags herself… I was really on cloud nine again upon seeing that, really too heartwarming!

I realised that there were a lot of fans waiting at the arrival hall so I decided not to take pictures because I didn’t want to squeeze with them. I only saw that there were no one beside Hyomin before she walked out the airport so I went over to thank her. But surprisingly, she also thanked me (why though?)

When we reached the guesthouse, I saw Hyomin’s Instagram and Weibo updates about her bakery. Quite a few of the pastries and boxes were bought by me so I was feeling really happy once more!

151231 Nanjing

Nothing much happened that day and I didn’t manage to see Hyomin unnie at all. We didn’t manage to get any tickets so we could only watch the live stream at the guesthouse.

Nevertheless, during the free time that we had, I went to buy some small gifts for Hyomin because it might be quite a long time before I get to see Hyomin again.

160101 Nanjing Airport, T-ara leaving for Sanya

At the airport security clearance, Jiyeon first saw Lvxin and I and waved at us. (probably just waving at Lvxin) Hyomin was still waving and bidding her farewells to the other fans at the airport at that time. When she turned around and saw me, she waved. I wanted to pass her the gifts only after we had crossed the security clearance area but I saw her expression and I couldn’t resist.

I went over to pass her the gifts and said, “언니, 새해 복 많이 받으세요” (Happy new year) and she said the same back to me. After crossing the security clearance, I told Hyomin, “Unnie, I won’t be going to Sanya… (for WSC’s birthday party) I’m heading home now” to which she replied in a voice filled with regret and sadness, “Ah, really?” She stopped to think for a while and said, “Sigh, I don’t think you will be able to enter anyway…” To which I replied, “That’s right~”

After the security clearance, I showed Hyomin a message in Korean on my phone, “Unnie, I don’t think I would be able to make it for the China schedule that you told me about earlier. My parents want me to travel to Japan with them for a vacation. That means I wouldn’t be able to see you until around July… 6 months is really a long time.” I was holding the phone at that time for her to read. She took quite a long time but still couldn’t finish. It wasn’t a long message but I think it was because I was holding the phone and it kept swaying around.

Hyomin placed the gifts that she was carrying with both hands on one hand and grabbed my phone. (she was really adorable at that moment! I guess she realised that it would be easier to read if she held the phone instead.) After reading, she kept saying, “6 months? Really 6 months? 6 months…” I heard her tone when she said that and got even more depressed…

I told Hyomin, “Unnie, I can’t live without you…” Hyomin laughed and I continued to say, “Unnie, save me please…” Hyomin said, “Send me texts~” (Actually I’m not sure if I heard her Korean correctly…
Was it asking me to text her or did she mean that she will text me? Regardless, Hyomin just said that, but there isn’t exactly any way of texting her 😂 Even then, just hearing her say that moved me to tears~)

I told Hyomin, “Unnie, I really feel like crying…” Hyomin looked at me, pouted and said again, “Really 6 months~?” I felt that it was almost time for Hyomin to board the plane so I told her, “Unnie, bye bye, enjoy yourself~” Hyomin waved goodbye, still pouting her lips. I guess she felt that I was a little pitiful and depressed.

Even then, Hyomin didn’t go in right away so I wanted to say a few more words to her. But at that moment, I really felt like bursting into tears so I didn’t know what else to say. I just called out, “Unnie” and Hyomin carried the gifts with one hand once again and stretched out her hand (palm facing up) towards me.

I looked at her hand and blanked out for a moment before understanding… Hyomin wanted me to hold her hand 😭! So I held her hand for a while… Unnie’s hands are really warm. I really wanted to cry out loud at that moment but I held it in. It was really time for Hyomin to board the plane so I told her, “Unnie, good luck for your solo!” Hyomin nodded and waved goodbye.

Alright, that’s about it~ I suddenly feel like before I go back to Australia, I have to see Hyomin again no matter what. I’ll just take a rest for now. Park Hyomin is the only one in my heart.

Original Weibo from taraonly1992

taraonly1992 Fan Accounts with Hyomin 151228~160102

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