160211 Seokjno1’s Naver blog update: Lunch with Eunjung

Title of blog post: Lunch with T-ara Eunjung


I had lunch with Eunjung, who had came back from her movie filming and photoshoots in Thailand..Recently, it seems like I have been writing random blog entries ㅋ


My hair kept parting at the centre and make me look like some fish ㅋ I’m in a dilemma whether to cut my hair or not..

Tomorrow, hwak! I want to cut it short and throw it away

On a side note, I didn’t have anything important today so I went to the Galleria and did some window shopping


While I was idling around, I received a phone call that I was glad to have..


At a restaurant in Samseong-dong called Ye Hyang

In the picture above, you can see the appetizer we had ate, followed by beef pancakes, grilled fish

I didn’t know if today was a Sunday or any other day because I am still adapting to an unemployed life ㅋ

Anyway, we had a great Thursday together though it seemed like a Monday, let’s meet again during weekends or some other day again! Hahaha

Original Naver blog post by seokjno1

160211 Seokjno1’s Naver blog update: Lunch with Eunjung

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