160212 Qri’s Chinese teacher Weibo update

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.29.16.png

There were fans who asked me about the Qri cup in the picture and where they could buy it. I’ve asked our student Qri and she said proudly, “this cup is the only one of its kind in the world, only teacher has it!” So I said, “but your fans really like the cup and they want to have one too! What should they do?”

She was deep in thought for a while before saying happily, “teacher, help me tell the fans to wait. I’ll design a prettier Qri cup and when that time comes, tell them to buy it!”

On another note, I told our little friend Qri about the reason and origin of the nickname “Madame” (C Queen’s call her that because Qri’s name is similar to that of Madame Currie), but she don’t like it! She emphasised by saying three times, “I am Qri! I am Qri! I am Qri!”She also emphasised that if she were to see anyone calling her “Madame” on Weibo, she would turn her head away nonchallantly, “hmph” once and pretend she didn’t see it. Those fans who called her and intend to call her “Madame”, good luck to you!


Original Weibo by 对外汉语周瑛


160212 Qri’s Chinese teacher Weibo update

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