160216 Jiyeon, Qri & Eunjung’s Chinese teacher Weibo update

Translator’s note: Pretty sure that most of us know by now who Jiyeon, Qri & Eunjung’s Chinese teacher (对外汉语周瑛) is, let’s refer to her as Teacher Zhou Ying for here on. First thing’s first, a person on Weibo who seemed very much like an anti-fan or at least that’s how he behaved, posted disrespectful and rude comments on Teacher Zhou Ying’s Weibos.

I shall not name or link that person’s Weibo because he has since deleted his comments. Also, we should not be affected by “fans”/people/haters who are not worth our time and effort.

Teacher Zhou Ying was very upset and she deleted ALL of her Weibos that she had posted about her lessons with Jiyeon, Qri & Eunjung. Many Chinese Queen’s went to console her and assure her that all of us fans appreciate her effort to write down her experiences and share it on Weibo with fans. After receiving all the love from Queen’s, she posted this on 15th February 13:18 (KST):

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 09.37.11.png

Thank you everyone for the consolations and PMs, I can feel the sincerity and concern that you all had shown towards me. I didn’t sleep well last night. The temperature in Korea for the past two days had suddenly dropped and my body couldn’t adapt to the sudden change in temperature. I had a sore throat and a headache today, too! I feel that I should at least tell everyone this. My initial intention of sharing those Weibos about my lessons with Jiyeon, Qri & Eunjung was to share it with a happy and open heart. However, I feel that it has caused me some unhappiness and worries now instead. I deleted all those Weibos because I wanted to forget all those (unhappiness and worries)! [委屈] I hope everyone will forgive my wilfulness and rash decision! I want to continue living my life happily and carefreely! Thank you! [爱你][太阳]

Original Weibo by 对外汉语周瑛

Translator’s note: PJY Bar posted their thoughts and tagged Teacher Zhou Ying. Weibo and translation below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 09.54.17.png

Just some of my thoughts and chatters[好囧]

I’ve more than once imagined that Jiyeon would be like that (Jiyeon’s interactions with Teacher Zhou Ying); is she just like any other ordinary girl? Make noise and play around, cry and laugh, run out of patience and throw temper, revealing her truth self just like that… Teacher Zhou Ying’s existence made all these a reality and also stories that fans enjoy! What we know of Jiyeon now is not just her charismatic or sexy lady side, but also her enjoyment from doing aegyo and teasing her teacher. We even knew that she stayed up all night to work out ways to retrieve her Weibo password.. The many different sides of her that we had never seen before, makes her really like just another girl-next-door! We love this kind of Jiyeon and are really thankful for her teacher who made all these truths about her known to her fans.

But something unpleasant happened last night and PJY Bar wants to voice out our opinion and thoughts on this matter. Teacher Zhou Ying is merely sharing the everyday teaching experiences with fans on Weibo; Teacher Zhou Ying is not only teaching them Chinese almost every day, but also helping and teaching them how to interact with Chinese fans on Weibo. You even taught them of how to snatch red money packets (Jiyeon, Qri, Eunjung) and also using the PM function on Weibo, all for the sole purpose of helping them to interact with fans better.

When Jiyeon couldn’t log in to Weibo and forgot her password, Teacher Zhou Ying informed fans on Weibo as soon as you could. You even spent many days trying your best to help Jiyeon contact the Weibo support team, all of which made fans laugh because of all the trouble and cuteness. What you received in the end on Valentine’s Day was hate from a stranger for no good reason, we are indeed sorry and sympathetic towards your unpleasant experience. [泪流满面]

Anyway, standing from a fan’s perspective, we’re sure everyone loves reading Teacher Zhou Ying’s different updates and news about them on Weibo. We also want to thank you for treating Jiyeon so well; we’re deeply grateful and hope that you would leave all the unhappiness and worries behind you [爱你] @对外汉语周瑛

Original Weibo by PJY Bar

Translator’s note: Just today, Teacher Zhou Ying saw and read the Weibo by PJY Bar and replied. Weibo and translations below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 09.19.17.png

Thank you! I’ll leave all the happiness and worries behind me, throw all of them to the past! Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect fans to love reading all those interesting happenings. To me, those are really precious memories. Sometimes, I would tell Jiyeon, Eunjung & Qri about the Weibo posts that I was going to share and they all kinda loved the content. They would always tell me excitedly and cheerfully: the main purpose of learning Chinese is to be able to interact with fans better, because they love China, love Chinese food and the passion and love from Chinese fans. [爱你][太阳]

Original Weibo by 对外汉语周瑛

Translator’s note: I’m not sure if Teacher Zhou Ying will continue posting Weibos about her lessons with Jiyeon, Qri & Eunjung, but let’s hope that she will.

160216 Jiyeon, Qri & Eunjung’s Chinese teacher Weibo update

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