160216 Naver blog featuring Hyomin & SNSD Yuri

Blog post title: Regularly patronised by celebrities cafe, SNSD Yuri & Hyomin


We frequently patronise this cafe. (Translator’s note: blog seems to be shared between two girls.)

This place partioned each table very well so it feels like quite a private space, so it’s natural that this place became famous because celebrities frequently patronise this cafe, right ㅎㅎ

Really many female celebrities and KPop idols come here,
as for male celebrities, seems like quite many models(?) come here too.
Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae and his stylist, Jung Yoon Gi (who is known to be close to him) come here often too ㅋㅋ

Basically a cafe where celebrities and people who know them would frequently visit

I couldn’t come during the period when I was studying for state examinations~
After passing the examinations, I visited the cafe after a long time

I realised that SNSD Yuri and Hyomin visited the cafe too

Perhaps the pictures are blur because it wasn’t taken well.. (Translator’s note: Naver sometimes automatically compresses the images)

Those who want to see the pictures, please leave a comment below
I was in a dilemma if I should share only some pictures in this public space 😉


since it is a cafe that celebrite frequently visit,

Even when celebrities come here
They would somehow want to be an ordinary person for once and
if they see another person whom they know
They can go “Ah~”. This is that kind of place ㅋㅋㅋ



It seems to me that Hyomin met Yuri because of her upcoming solo comeback

They went to find each other at the cafe that day and
stayed there for quite some time and posted many, many pictures on Instagram

Somehow, it seems that my camera didn’t manage to take a good and clear picture of SNSD’s Yuri~
She was very well-dressed, her fashion styling was really good that day too but
it’s a pity that somehow it seems that it didn’t come out well on my camera.


Translation of Hyomin’s captions: I wanted to act as if Yuri’s bag is mine and just naturally take it and leave but….


Cotton Candy Affogato – people can finish this in one or two mouthfuls




The two of them are still young so they’re acting like young girls ㅋㅋ


I will post about this regularly patronised by celebrities cafe a little later for you to see,
For those who are interested to know about details like the location and recommended menu,

Please follow my blog and
receive updates 😉

Original Naver blog post by gracemnm

160216 Naver blog featuring Hyomin & SNSD Yuri

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