160216 Qri’s Chinese teacher Weibo update

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 13.35.55.png

@面对着屏幕的冷光 commented: Teacher, it’s “Q粒”, “Q粒”, you must write it 500 times [喵喵][喵喵][喵喵]

Teacher Zhou Ying replied to the comment: Haha, I wrote it as “Q丽” because student Qri wrote clearly on a piece of paper and told me that “Q丽” is her actual Chinese name. I want to respect her so I decided to change it to [爱你] Of course, all of you have the freedom to call her by whatever name you want, just don’t fight again, alright![衰][偷乐]

Translator’s note: “Q丽” and “Q粒” have the same pronunciation and romanisation but the “丽” in “Q丽” comes from the word “美丽”, which means pretty/beautiful. “Q丽” is literally translated to be cutie pretty, which is essentially what Qri means in the first place.

Another thing, the other time when Jiyeon and Eunjung made typo mistakes on Weibo, Chinese fans were joking and saying that they should write the correct words multiple times to remember, like how young kids do penmanship to remember certain words. Which is why that fan said that Teacher Zhou Ying should write “Q粒” 500 times, thinking that “Q丽” is a typo.

Original Weibo by 对外汉语周瑛

160216 Qri’s Chinese teacher Weibo update

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