160220 Jiyeon & Eunjung’s Chinese teacher Weibo updates

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.32.25 AM.png

Zhou Ying replying to hyominnn0801: Jiyeon has been working hard recently! I can vouch for that! [鼓掌] I will remind baby Jiyeon to fill up the 9 picture boxes so that it will look nicer. There seems to be something missing at the bottom right corner! [偷笑]

hyominnn0801 reposted Jiyeon’s Weibo post and added captions: You’ve always been working very hard [心][心][心][心][心] We all can see it with our eyes [心][心][心][心][心] Another post that does not fit the 9-picture ideal [doge]

Original Weibo by 对外汉语周瑛

Translator’s note: Weibo allows users to post up to 9 pictures, which is the ideal because it looks neater and more complete. Jiyeon has almost always posted less than 9 pictures.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.32.36 AM.png

Zhou Ying’s reposted Eunjung’s Weibo post and added captions: Whenever I tell Eunjung, “whenever you make any typos or mistakes, fans will immediately report to me behind your back and suggest that I make you write 500 repetitions as punishment.” As soon as Eunjung heard me, she would puff her cheeks and open her eyes widely, somehow showing that she’s angry and saying something like, “what kind of fans are these?!” [偷乐][好喜欢] Haha, so adorable!

Original Weibo by 对外汉语周瑛

160220 Jiyeon & Eunjung’s Chinese teacher Weibo updates

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