160229 Jiyeon for GanGee magazine March Issue

Girl group T-ara’s member Jiyeon, who had debuted for 7 years told us that she wants to travel back in time and some of the unfortunate things that had happened.

Jiyeon said in an interview with GanGee magazine’s March issue, “The most memorable moment since debut was winning first place with Bo Peep Bo Peep and the memory is still deeply etched in my mind. It was 1 January 2010.”

Jiyeon was asked a question: Personally, what do you think is the most unfortunate thing that happened to you? She replied, “When we’re having group activities, our image is always the same. We always seem to have this mindset of ‘it’d be fine if we just stick to our decided image, right?’. That made me trapped in just a ‘T-ara Jiyeon’ kind of look/image.”

Jiyeon went on and said, “I thought to myself, ‘at some point, this won’t cut it’ and I’m still young so I really have a lot of images/sides of me that I want to show everyone. We are just starting our activities in China and I’ll try my best to show a new side of me.”

Lastly, Jiyeon said, “I had really busy days after debuting. But as our popularity started to drop, activities were reduced significantly, that’s the reality. After suffering so many problems, I really should reflect on myself again.”

Source: http://media.daum.net/m/entertain/newsview/20160229082554564

Jiyeon appeared on GanGee magazine March issue as the cover model. Her unchanging beauty and exceptional charms caught the attention of fans.

Behind-the-story cuts/pictures of T-ara Jiyeon’s “Alice in Wonderland” photoshoot will be revealed in GanGee magazine March issue.

Meanwhile, Jiyeon will be appearing on a China-Korea variety show by Wuhan TV’s Channel “淘韩国” (Tao Han Guo) and will be broadcasted next month.

Wuhan TV has signed a contract with ‘Koglo.com’, a distributor of GanGee Global magazine about Hallyu stars and fashion across China. They will be broadcasting various programmes about K-tourism, fashion, beauty, entertainment, company visits, etc.

Furthermore, the programme that Jiyeon is appearing on will be broadcasted next month on Wuhan TV (has a viewer rating of about 50 to 200 million viewers) and Chinese video streaming website, Youku (up to 1.3 billion viewers).

Source: http://stoo.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2016022908114346532

In an interview with GanGee, Jiyeon was asked about her plans for drama/film acting and she said, “Frankly speaking, I want to act in a drama. I’m also thirsty for a T-ara album.”

When asked, “You seem to be thirsty for a casting in an entertainment/variety show too?” Jiyeon replied, “Yes. It’s a pity that I didn’t have much chances to cast in a variety programme that stars female idols/stars like “Invincible Youth” and “Heroes”, two of which I had casted in before. I really want to cast in a female gossip reality/variety show.”

She was also asked, “If you were to cast in a female gossip reality/variety show, who do you want to cast with?” Jiyeon replied, “I’m the closest with IU and Luna. We’re all 93-liners so I think the show will be very fun if we were to gather together.”

T-ara & Jiyeon is having a Chinese tour right now and taking a break from Korea activities. T-ara is planning to release a new album around the summer period.

Source: http://stoo.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2016022908131655872

160229 Jiyeon for GanGee magazine March Issue

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