160316 Minyeon Bar’s fan account

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Park Jiyeon said, “It’s all Hyomin’s own money”, “Hyomin-unnie has really suffered great pains (for the solo)”, “Seems like Hyomin-unnie managed to produce the kind of music that she’s been wanting to, it’s really awesome”. The other T-ara members were quite quiet at this moment so Jiyeon & Hyomin’s conversation really stood out. Jiyeon said with all her sincerity, “Unnie, I really want to congratulate you for the successful release of your new album.” Hyomin was meddling with her phone and merely replied a “thank you” without looking at Jiyeon but you can somehow feel that there was a lot of deeper meanings in those words. T-ara members were planning to post on Instagram together at 12am (KST) sharp but Jiyeon was late by a few seconds. Jiyeon kept saying, “No, this won’t do… I should have been faster.” Silly Jiyeon, your congratulations won’t be worth any less even if you were late by a few seconds. Everyone, work hard to help Hyomin slay the charts, fighting!

Original Weibo by Minyeon Bar

160316 Minyeon Bar’s fan account

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