160405 Eunjung’s Weibo updates (Explanation)

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The reason why I posted the pictures (of Yin Yue Tai V-Chart voting results; T-ara got second place and EXO Byun Baek-Hyun got first) was to thank our fans for putting in the effort. I wanted to convey my gratitude to everyone. For those fans who think that I had a motive or hidden meaning behind the pictures, that is absolutely not what I had intended. I’m really sorry to have created this misunderstanding for everyone. Everyone, please, do not fight anymore.

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In my previous Weibo post, I had posted “心照不宣” and it was more of meant to be “心有灵犀”. After I knew that “心照不宣” could imply another meaning, I decided to delete that Weibo post. I had unintentionally caused a misunderstanding for everyone because I do not have a strong command and grasp of the Chinese language.

Because I do not understand the Chinese language deep enough to know that there are multiple implied meanings of several Chinese phrases, I had started a misunderstanding. I really hope that everyone can get along with each other well.

*Translator’s note: “心照不宣” – I do not need to announce but I’m sure you know what I mean. “心有灵犀” – you and I have telepathy so we know each other’s good intentions.

“心照不宣” can be interpreted as “I do not need to tell you that we know something bad about a certain person because we all know that very well in our hearts”. In short, it can have a negative meaning behind it. “心有灵犀” on the other hand, is a more commonly-used phrase to describe telepathy and “we all know very well in our hearts” in a more heartwarming and positive way. Eunjung did not know that “心照不宣” (the phrase used in her deleted Weibo) could have multiple implied meanings because of the obvious fact that she is not a native Chinese and she’s still learning. She feels sorry that she might have been one of the main reasons why there is a fight on Weibo.

160405 Eunjung’s Weibo updates (Explanation)

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