160405 Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin & Jiyeon’s Thank You Weibo Posts

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Thank you our Queen’s  Thanks to everyone’s love and hard work, we managed to get good results this year, too! I really want to thank every single one of our fans who voted for us personally! I’m a little sad that there are not many schedules recently too… I really want to show everyone our T-ara’s charismatic performances on stage…! We must meet up really soon, alright 

Original Weibo by Soyeon

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All thanks to our Queen’s hard work, we managed to get good results on Yin Yue Tai V-Charts ♡

Eunjung, and T-ara are really really happy and blessed! We all know everyone’s love towards us. I really miss our Chinese Queen’s. Without you, there won’t be us.

So don’t say sorry to us! Let’s work hard together!♡ Really huge thank you to all of you!   Love you all![心]

Smile, with love for each other

Original Weibo by Eunjung

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We heard that our Queen’s friends have put in a lot of effort to vote for us T-ara at the 2016 Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards and the results that we’ve got. I really want to thank everyone for supporting and loving us all this while without fail. Because our Queen’s friends have always been by our side, we feel very blessed and happy. Really a huge thank you to everyone. We love you too, we hope that we can see everyone soon, too!!! Before we meet, let’s all work hard in whatever we do, alright~ Fighting!! [好棒]~*

Original Weibo by Hyomin

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Thank you everyone

I love you all Queen’s [心]

You all are awesome [赞][赞][赞][赞][赞]

Original Weibo by Jiyeon

160405 Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin & Jiyeon’s Thank You Weibo Posts

160402 Trending Pann article about T-ara & Ryu Hwayoung

“The extremely disgusting and alarming reality of T-ara’s previous member”

You all might call me a “part-timer” but MBK’s CEO has invested a ridiculous amount of money into their China activities so they don’t have any money to hire any more “part-timers” (K-Netizens like to call anyone who speaks up for T-ara a “part-timer” hired by MBK and not a true fan)

I don’t even know when will the company close down because it seems like they are constantly losing money.

[I know that MBK did hire part-timers before but this fact that I’m talking about is known between all Queen’s.]

Currently, the company don’t have money to hire any real part-timers (for actual work). All of you have really no conscience and still insist and make stories about the “bullying incident”. T-ara had fallen from their peak and left on the floor now, don’t you all think that it’s time to stop?

How long more do you want to curse and swear at T-ara.. T-ara members are not humans? When you look at the comments and the level that haters stoop to it’s really dirty.. Seriously… All of you are really overboard.


Recently, a song producer ‘A’ was surprisingly approached by a person who lives near Yeouido Broadcasting Station and drives a top German brand car Maybach.

The person was an on-site manager who helped run and operate an entertainment agency, he told ‘A’ everything about how a girl group that he brought up caught the attention of the son of a Chinese tycoon and received a 10-billion won investment.

Even then, the responses of staff reps were mixed, probably to protect ‘A’.

There were many that expressed their one-sided envy of the company striking it rich. There were many that expressed their concerns about how the future might be a little dangerous after receiving such a huge investment that seemed a bit like a squander.

This is some info about CEO Kim Kwang Soo receiving a 10-billion KRW investment and a manager who was probably under his company.



Lee Areum’s Instagram post, T-ara’s previous member who joined in 2012 and had activities with T-ara for about a year.

She was with 6-member T-ara and Ryu Hwayoung for more than a year so she surely knew a lot better than many haters who curse and swear at T-ara.

“I was together with them during their painful times and I really hope that the misunderstanding will be resolved one day in the near future.”


Their agency has left the matter as it is even till now and I found it really annoying and unjust for them so I’m writing explanation posts on Nate and other sites.

I’m writing in hopes of letting more people know that Ryu Hwayoung is not bullied, even if it’s just one more person that believe the truth at the end of the day. Also, within these 7 years so far, I don’t wish to see anymore talks about Ryu Hwayoung being the only victim for about 3.5 years of hate since it happened.


Run-down of the events leading to the ‘determination tweets’ that everyone claims Hwayoung was bullied by.


This is a picture of Hwayoung being supported by two men. Just before this picture was taken, she was walking just fine on her two legs until she got to the van waiting in front of the airport and reached for support.

Fans who were there to take pictures: What? 


T-ara and Ryu Hwayoung went to Japan and started rehearsals straight after for their concert. Hwayoung, however, said that her leg was hurting and couldn’t participate in the rehearsals so she left to go rest in the hotel. The choreography was then changed from 8 members -> 7 members.


As fangirls should know, changing a choreography is huge work and doesn’t happen frequently since it causes a revamp from start to finish… But T-ara started rehearsals again as 7 members.


But? Hwayoung, who supposedly hurt her leg, where is she…? At the nail art shop



 By the way, if you ever wondered how strong T-ara’s own determinations were…

– From 2009 to 2012, they slept for as little as 2-3 hours a day for three straight years to complete all of their schedules, sleeping 30 minutes in travel time.


– In 2012, Jiyeon broke her nose after getting accidentally hit by a back dancer during her Japanese concert. She still finished her concert until the end and got diagnosed at a hospital before flying straight back to Korea to complete ‘Music Bank’ and another event. She then went back to Japan to finish her Japanese tour concerts.


She was like that till the end of the last concert.

Back to Korea


– Jiyeon finally went back to Korea for surgery.

But of course, T-ara back then was known for their killer schedules.

Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core, Open Music Concert, Sponge, Gag Concert, Running Man, Olympic events, IAC, etc.. the list goes on and on.

She only took a day off the day of her surgery and then went straight back into her schedules.


– October 17th, 2013 – No. 9’s comeback stage.

Jiyeon’s knee started hurting during the M. Countdown pre-recording but she completed the pre-recording and went to the hospital to be diagnosed with synovitis.

What that means is that water is being filled inside the kneecap and treatment requires that she not move or walk a lot. Walking causes pain.

Jiyeon, however, went straight to the live broadcast of M. Countdown just two hours after getting her shot and completed her entire choreography. This went on for an entire two months of schedules.

Jiyeon during Roly Poly in 2011


– January 1st, 2012 – Jiyeon fainted on Inkigayo.

 She had been running off of basically no sleep due to the 2011 Gayo Daejun pre-recording and live broadcast and fainted as soon as she finished her ‘Cry Cry’ stage on the Inkigayo New Year special.

– In 2014, Jiyeon was rushed to the emergency room for enteritis and acute indigestion only after she was waiting for T-ara’s turn on Music Core. She was then discharged the very next day and went back to her schedules. She also apologized for not being able to perform on stage that day.

At the Guangzhou concert during their China tour in 2015, Jiyeon was really sick and couldn’t even stand properly on stage. Even then, Jiyeon still stayed on stage and performed even her solo till the end of the concert. She left one day earlier than the other members to get medical treatment. On top of this, there were many instances where Soyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin were sick but still stayed on to perform.

If you were to compare T-ara and Ryu Hwayoung’s determination, it’s like comparing the sky and ground.

*Translation and account of the incident by a staff:


An interview by a rep who observed T-ara and Hwayoung said, “Hwayoung started getting a celebrity disease after she settled in with the group. She was cocky about being a celebrity and a T-ara member… the original members weren’t like that. I wondered why a new member would be acting like that… and I think she wasn’t bullied but the other members just reprimanded that type of behavior and the scandal blew up into what it is right now.”

The story about Hwayoung throwing her crutches on ‘Music Bank’ and refusing to perform on stage -> Some think it’s just Kwang Soo’s media play but journalists and Music Bank PDs testified to the story.


On top of that, a famous Hyomin picture fansite (she is close enough with Hyomin that she knows her number and follows all of T-ara’s schedules) tweeted that Hwayoung threw her crutches on July 29th, 2012 at 1:49 PM… CCM confirmed it the same day at 2:38 PM. Basically, fans knew that Hwayoung threw her crutches before the company announced it. It was not media play but fact.


As observed by the fansite admin, Hwayoung’s twin Hyoyoung had sent a text to T-ara’s Ahreum saying, “Hwayoung isn’t getting love all because of you!”

Right before the Music Bank live, Hyomin tried to bring Hwayoung and Ahreum together to get them to make up but Hwayoung got mad and threw her crutches and left. This was seen by the fansite admin.

For hyoyoung’s Cyworld, it became an issue because it was full of swear and cuss words. The captions on the post are “Ryu Hyoyoung’s cyworld. She deleted her Cyworld account a day after the scandal in 2012” Here is the content of her Cyworld:






The article is about Hwayoung sleeping in the waiting room while waiting for T-ara’s turn to perform at KBS “Concert 7080” on 26th Dec 2010. Their manager told to quickly prepare for the performance soon but Hwayoung did not wake up. Hyomin told Hwayoung, “quickly wake up and let’s go to the stage” but Hwayoung felt irritated and replied Hyomin in a rude manner. Jiyeon felt that Hwayoung was rude so she confronted her but both of them ended up quarreling. Jiyeon was then seen in tears when she went up the stage.


The responses of the acquaintances/friends who were protecting T-ara at the sidelines

Lastly, the reactions of the people who have worked with T-ara to the scandal.

1. T-ara’s make up artist: Anyone who knows will know.

2. T-ara’s former manager: Koreans are the best when it comes to making up stories. You can put away your needless sense of justice.

3. T-ara’s chief choreographer: You cannot call something you did not experience for yourself the truth. Spreading distorted versions of what happened as the truth is close to crime… How upsetting. What did these young friends do to deserve this? They cannot say that they’re hurt even when they are, or that they’re struggling.. What is the truth? Is it that important to us living our lives…? How has our society changed to this extent…

4. T-ara’s main composer Ahn Young Min: Netizens should tell their families that they love them in the time they’re writing these hateful comments.

5. T-ara’s back dancer: People are so… mean…

6. Fashion stylist Han Jong Wan: Retweeted a tweet saying T-ara’s Hwayoung wasn’t bullied

7. T-ara’s acting manager: also tweeted videos and articles that refuted the bullying claim.

8. Former backdancers: Scary how people can have this sheep mentality over something that they don’t even know the truth about.

9. Other backdancers: The world is so scary… You’re all going to be punished for making all of this up. It’s not the truth, so stop!!

10. Hwayoung’s close unni: I’ll say this for the last time. From what I know, regarding kids fighting over whether Hwayoung was bullied or not, I think it is the netizens who made Hwayoung out to be the victim of bullying. To what extent is the question… There are things about the celebrity industry that non-stars will never understand….

11. Actor Ahn Jae Min’s interview who was friends with Eunjung in school: wrote a lengthy Twitter post testifying to Eunjung not being a bully and supporting her. Eunjung then got in contact with him and asked why he did that for her when he didn’t have to.

12. Suzy’s interview where she talked about Jiyeon taking care of everyone around her and putting them before herself.

13. The datas (which attack back the ridiculous evidences of netizens) were shown such like that, and those who still don’t believe just announce that ‘”I’m T-ara antifan”. Don’t pretend that you guys are on the side of the victim Hwayoung.

From a pointview of people who can see clearly this world, behaviors of people who can’t see must look ridiculous. On the other hand, people who can’t see don’t even try listening or take a look at the other’s opinion. Also, if anyone points out and opposes it, those people will just eliminate her/him. That’s why they never know their own ridiculousity.

 (a movie reviewer)

I feel scared of people who attack T-ara continuously by such informations. It can’t be regconized as something related to justice. Stepping on the kids who have already fallen down is that fun? Even if those kids low-priced as you call, then what nonsense reasons of bullying is all about….

 (Bae Yoonjung – Leader of T-ara’s HotChicks dance team)

The careless thought of people who don’t know the truth is… so scared
(it seems she deleted this tweet)

Director Cha Eun Taek’s tweets:

“Unless they have been directly been involved, then no one can call it the ‘truth’ with just speculation alone. Spreading a distorted truth as facts is no less than a crime…what a shame”

“what life crime did these young friends commit to receive such mistreatment from the society..they can’t say they’re in pain even when they are, and they can’t say they’re tired even when they are. What is the truth? What’s so important about it…? Since when have our society’s subject of discussion and debate change like this…”


….and dozens of other interviews and words of support by those that know T-ara the best.

If T-ara really bullied Hwayoung, why would responses like these appear…

“Deok Eunjung Incident”



1. First clarification is the case where Eunjung supposedly ‘force fed’ Hwayoung rice cakes on a Japanese TV show. Caps break down what happened on the show and clarify that the group was divided into two teams: Hwayoung, Hyomin, and Qri on one and Soyeon, Jiyeon, and Eunjung on the other.

With snacks on the line, the two teams battled for victory through Wii games and Hwayoung, Hyomin, and Qri’s team won in the end. Eunjung, who received the lowest points on her team, was given a penalty for her score where she had to hand feed the snacks to the winning team (this penalty was chosen out of a box of random penalties written on pieces of paper).

When she is feeding Hwayoung the rice cake, you can see the MC in the back smiling along with the girls, which shows that the atmosphere on the set was friendly and not at all a bullying atmosphere like people assumed. Japanese netizens who are more aware of the nature of their own variety shows agreed that the girls didn’t look like they were bullying her at all.

At the end of the broadcast, Hwayoung is seen smiling with the rest of the girls.

There are also other caps where Hyomin has Jiyeon in a playful headlock with Hwayoung holding down Jiyeon’s hands and face but nobody started rumors of Jiyeon being bullied because it was obviously seen as a playful joke on broadcast.

Later, the person who used those “evidence” to twist into a bullying incident apologised.

Didn’t T-ara treat Hwayoung very well?

First picture: Hyomin and Eunjung helping Hwayoung wear her shoes that came off

Second picture: Hwayoung playing around with Boram by making kissing faces


During T-ara’s Budokan Concert


Apart from this, there many other instances where they treat her very well and with care.
“Hwayoung’s diss towards T-ara after leaving?”


The time when T-ara was having their So Crazy comeback activities…;;


Also, Hwayoung uploaded this weird picture of an apple when Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon were having their short promotion for Little Apple.


The reason why Hwayoung couldn’t reveal the truth at that time was that she would be the only one hurt and buried. Because of that, it seems that their CEO might have asked them not to say anything about that matter too. 

And if they told the press or write anything about the truth, only Hwayoung would have a tough time.

Another thing, at that time, Hwayoung’s younger sister Hyoyoung was a Five Dolls member. So she posted some tweets to make it look like Hwayoung was hurt, in hopes to prevent Hwayoung’s image from being tarnished.

Recently, when Hyoyoung’s contract ended with the company, she left with about close to 20 million KRW.


Is Hwayoung really the victim? Consider if she was pretending to be a victim all this while..

Original Post on Nate

A lot of help from t-ara comments (@daetgeul_ on Twitter)

Translations of old evidence taken from Netizenbuzz here and here.

Translations of old tweets taken from hyotheleader’s tumblr.


Comments (filtered out hate):

500+ 166-

At that time, I’ve read up a lot about the “bullying incident” (but only one side of the story I guess) and ended up cursing and swearing at T-ara ㅌㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ God damnit, T-ara was at their prime time but because of one person, their following albums were all criticised and failed quite badly in actual fact. At that time, I only listened to one side of the story and just conveniently ignored the other side of the story. Why did I act like that? I’m really regretting right now.

495+ 194-

It’s really unfortunate for T-ara that people realise that it was a groundless rumour after such a long time. At that time (of the incident), T-ara was well on their way to climb up to SNSD’s level and maybe even higher.

173+ 0-

This fact about Kim Kwangsoo making such a brutal arrangement should be made known. The worst agency CEO in Korea.

118+ 5-

What the, crazy. What was the apple at the end for? Disgusting

115+ 28-

I think T-ara members will get mental problems later… If not for the criticism and blaming till now, they might be a girl group near the top…

160402 Trending Pann article about T-ara & Ryu Hwayoung

160403 Eunjung’s Weibo updates

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Before going to Thailand, I dropped by Galleria to visit the duty-free shop.

The high-class department store’s classy interior atmosphere made me feel very comfortable. There are many products and brands that I don’t usually see at Korea’s domestic shops. After its Grand Open, I will come to shop here often.

When the cherry blossoms bloom, I want to go and have a look at the Art Gallery and Observatory Deck in Korea’s 63 building.

# GalleriaDutyFreeShop

Original Weibo by Eunjung

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.44.02 PM.png

I bought this as a gift.

This is a Korean traditional ceremic scented candle.

It is really beautiful, I want to have it too… [抢到啦]

Original Weibo by Eunjung

160403 Eunjung’s Weibo updates

160330 CHAO_HYO’s fan account (Hyomin)

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Hyomin told me at the fansign that many foreign fans have been telling her that they’re leaving. She doesn’t want us to say sorry; she wants us to stay in Korea. She said that she’ll be having a lot of schedules this week and everyone should attend. But I had to go so I told her that I was going to leave the next day. She replied by saying, “안돼 가지마” (No, don’t go).

I apologised but she said that she don’t want to listen to apologies. I felt very bad and guilty so I said that I’m really sorry. She cupped her ears with her hands and said “I don’t want to listen”.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Really heartbreaking. She said something like the number of fans who attended her schedules in the second week is a lot lesser than the first week… Later she also said, “Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we must see each other everyday”.. At the moment when Hyomin said this, our eyes somehow met…ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Ah~

After the fansign, all the other fans said something like “see you tomorrow” but I said “see you next time”. She hit my hand a few times and said “don’t go” and I apologised again.. My heart was really in pain ㅠㅠㅠ I’m sorry I couldn’t support you till the end. After that she even stretched out her hand, asked me to grab her hand and tell me to go back home safely, goodbye…

Although you didn’t want me to leave, you still bid your farewell, unnie ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I really have personal reasons so I need to leave… Otherwise, I would definitely stay ㅠㅠㅠ I’m sorry!!!!

Original Weibo by CHAO_HYO

160330 CHAO_HYO’s fan account (Hyomin)

160322 Eunjung’s Weibo updates

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She posted another Weibo post of what she said, refer to next post.

Original Weibo by Eunjung

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So I’m actually “Xian En Jing” (quite a different pronunciation from her Korean name)

But I realised that you all call me “Tian En Jing”!  (Xian is salty in Chinese, whereas Tian is sweet)

Is this true…? [阴险]

Why do you all call me Sweet Eunjung?

Does that mean that I’m like honey, like a candy/lollipop 🍭?

Is it because I’m very kind and friendly? [偷笑]

Or is it because I look very sweet? [害羞]

Original Weibo by Eunjung

160322 Eunjung’s Weibo updates