[Instiz] The current situation of T-ara versus Kim Kwangsoo that looks like Producer Cindy

The current situation of T-ara versus Kim Kwangsoo that looks like Producer Cindy (a K-Drama that IU starred in)

Summary of the situation up till now

Contracts of the 4 of T-ara members (Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung and Qri) are all different from each other and a drama filming is underway so they extended their contracts till December 2017.

The other two members (Soyeon and Boram) requested MBK for some time to consider.

But the company decided to take matters into their own hands and dismiss Soyeon and Boram from T-ara + threw away all the previously public press releases => So now, Soyeon and Boram’s contracts will terminate on 15th May 2017.

Previously, Soyeon and Boram considered about the company and fans so they decided to agree to participate in comeback schedules and broadcasts for a month from 17th May + concerts even after their contracts end.

But because of DIA’s full album comeback + T-ara’s overseas concerts, T-ara’s comeback was postponed to end of June ==> And they notified that Soyeon and Boram won’t be participating in the comeback.

==> Kim Kwangsoo scrapped the press releases and attacked Soyeon and Boram

image 1.jpg

image 2.jpg

Numerous articles throughout the whole day + distributing all sorts of press releases and articles to attack them

Soyeon and Boram asked for some time to consider but the company decided to take matters into their own hands and created an image of Soyeon and Boram being traitors who don’t wish to extend their contracts.

Soyeon and Boram made an agreement to carry on despite the expiration of their contracts but because of their juniors, the company postponed their schedules and postponed yet again, disrupting the members’ personal schedules.

They quietly endured in this situation, not knowing if the company will postpone their comeback again and would take up how many more overseas concerts.

To this date, Kim Kwangsoo has earned a shit load of money thanks to T-ara but he only spent on the groups he wanted to debut (Gangkiz, The Seeya, Speed, Five Dolls, Shannon, Coed School, High Brow, DIA) no less than 8 groups altogether (what’s worse, it was rumoured that he is expecting to debut yet another group). After T-ara got ostracised by their own home country, other than that one time they got to Top 3 on a music show, they never did well at all.

In reality, since 2015, T-ara never got any sort of proper care and attention. Not long ago, when the truth of a certain Ms Ryu was exposed, MBK just quietly pointed fingers.

In the end, even T-ara who is just trying to survive and make a living, is getting dumped in a dirty and clumsy manner.

April 2009 – Nam Gyuri versus Kim Kwangsoo incident

image 3.jpg

(Demon = that person = Kim Kwangsoo)

At that time, Nam Gyuri got famous through The Seeya. She angered Kim Kwangsoo because she went to take a look at other companies without his knowledge.

Kim Kwangsoo then attacked her with ridiculous tabloids saying, “Nam Gyuri went missing because of dubious sponsor contracts.”

In the end, Nam Gyuri wrote a post, referring Kim Kwangsoo as a demon on Seeya World. (screenshot above)

image 4.jpg

After seeing Nam Gyuri’s post, he got even more infuriated and started a news conference. He got Kim Yeonji and Lee Boram to attack Nam Gyuri. (screenshot above)

Other than this, when Davichi was really popular, he made use of the contract conditions and made Davichi release many garbage quality albums, destroying their careers. Even when Davichi did well, he went to leak unreleased songs using DIA’s promotion. We don’t even need to mention SG Wannabe, Lee Hyori, Kim Jongguk and many more – you get the point.

Since decades ago, Kim Kwangsoo has always been lame and dirty with his methods of saying farewell (with the exception of Ryu Hwayoung, huh?). I don’t expect him to change in the future too. It’s clear that he will most probably continue to attack T-ara in the future too.

image 5.jpg

Of course, today is very different from 10 years ago when we can trust the media without any doubt.

image 6.jpg

image 7.jpg

Only until recently, I have never heard of a third-class subpar company would advertise intensively that its celebrities are concluding their contracts. This third-class subpar company even went on to organise a concert only to swallow the contract money and don’t give a damn, tarnishing T-ara’s careers.

The shit company also drove the fans away, unbelievably garbage treatment compared to their junior group, made use of retarded publicity stunts and cheated the hearts of fans who endured through even the bullying incident, etc.

Looking at the kind of bullshit Kim Kwangsoo is doing to T-ara, it’s no different from what CEO Byeon did to Producer.

image 8.jpg

(To make the rookie celebrities popular, CEO Byeon packaged the rookies with Producer Cindy. The CEO then used all sorts of media tactics to get rid of Producer Cindy.)

image 9.jpgimage 10.jpg

Actually, this is a story published from 2 years ago. (The title of the article reads, “T-ara and DIA – this smells like Cindy and her CEO”)

T-ara only had one full-length album after almost 9 years. DIA members are only about 3 years into their career and they’re already getting their second full-length album.

I’m praying for Kim Kwangsoo to get kicked out of MBK and the entertainment world and the company’s celebrities to quickly escape.


Source: Instiz

[Instiz] The current situation of T-ara versus Kim Kwangsoo that looks like Producer Cindy

4 thoughts on “[Instiz] The current situation of T-ara versus Kim Kwangsoo that looks like Producer Cindy

  1. Reblogged this on dyohagi and commented:
    I am sick beyond ‘humanly’ possible 。。。。since this STUPID MBK F#%* CEO has never been fired or better yet taken out and beaten to near death for all his dirty and greedy deals for personal gain and profit!?!? >_<
    Please tell me he will get his HELL soon!!!!!!


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  2. Aa says:

    KKS is an evil genius. His dirty tactics are sickening as fuck. Pretty sure DIA will experience the same treatment in the long run if KKS lives on. Poor kids. ;;


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